TSU Investigations Services

Specialist Investigations


Our Unit is well established and consists of highly skilled and experienced investigators. In addition, thereto, the Unit has vast knowledge and experience in the fields of criminal, financial and corporate investigations both nationally and internationally and are considered expert witnesses in presenting evidence in a court of law.

This Service offering Includes:

• Recovery of lost and stolen property.
• Preparation of files for prosecution purposes
• Liaison with all relevant law enforcement agencies and prosecution authorities.
• Evidence collection and investigative leads.
• Intelligence gathering through a network of informants.
• Insurance fraud investigations.
• Arson investigations.
• Vehicle theft and related incidents.


Information per se, has limited uses unless it can be turned into actionable intelligence, but it requires context. Our team of specialists can assist your business in obtaining context through our fully functional intelligence capacity. Environments can be infiltrated to gather relevant data to enhance existing information, thereby reducing risks and losses. Symbiotic relationships with industry partners and law enforcement, strengthen our service delivery and cement our integrity as a Unit.

Polygraph Services

The forensic auditors and investigators within TSU Investigation Services use polygraphs as an investigative tool to direct and focus investigations

and forensic audits, using qualified psychophysiologists (polygraph examiners). Our examiners are members of various organisations (including The American Polygraph Association (APA)), which governs the professionality and the integrity that makes our examiners specialists. Some of the best training academies across the Globe trained our examiners.

This Service offering Includes:

  • Pre-employment – vetting and screening
  • Periodic testing of staff (aka integrity tests)
  • Employee drug testing – individual or mass screening.
  • Specific and Incident testing (criminal and civil) and infidelity investigation.