TSU Investigations Services

Forensic Services

Over time, TSU Investigation Services has developed multi-disciplinary methodologies enabling the delivery of high-level services. Our methodologies support our client’s requirements in dealing not only with the vast scope of reported cases but also the way in which investigations and other fraud prevention services are conducted, i.e. with an emphasis on preventing the recurrence and materialisation of fraud risks.

Forensic Audits

Companies can no longer claim immunity against corruption and fraudulent activities. Through the gathering of factual evidence and the use of proven scientific technologies and methodologies, TSU Investigation Services can assist our clients in resolving irregularities and possible criminal elements within their organisation.

Our investigative methodology is based on a multi-dimensional approach that incorporates the skills and practices of various industries including auditing, accounting, legal, operational, and investigative, ensuring a holistic approach when addressing and dealing with the investigation of economically motivated crimes.

Fraud Risk Assessments

TSU Investigation Services aims to assist our clients to proactively identify and address their organisations vulnerabilities and to minimise financial losses due to possible corrupt activities.

The assessment team will design a unique Fraud Prevention Plan that suites the needs of the organisation based on the identified risks.

The plan will centre around:
• Identifying existing policies and procedures in place within the client’s organisation to deter fraud.
• Benchmarking what the client’s organisation should have (referring to our expertise, research and the client’s regulatory framework).
• Identifying shortcomings by way of a gap analysis.
• Recommending suitable steps to address the gap.

Compliance Review

TSU Investigation Services assists our clients to accomplish their objectives by following a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their control and governance processes to improve their organisation’s operations.

Probity Audits

TSU Investigation Services works closely with our clients to ensure their procurement processes are implemented in accordance with the internal and external legislative framework. We will review the SCM governing process to prevent manipulation of the process and to identify conflicts of interest to ensure fairness in the award of contracts.