TSU Investigations Services

Digital Forensics

An overload of information and data can negatively impact decision-making processes and create the opportunity for perpetrators to manipulate data and conceal questionable transactions. TSU investigation Services have therefore, created various offerings to protect the interests of our clients.

Transactional Data Analysis

Data is stored on various platforms, preventing decision-makers from having a holistic view of the actual state of affairs, to make an informed decision.

This Service offering Includes:

• Financial System data analysis
• Transactional Data Analysis
• Data cleansing and enhancement
• SCM data analysis
• Revenue enhancement analysis
• Conflicts of interest analysis
• Payroll analysis
• Computer aided audit techniques
• Bulk Supplier verification analysis
• Bulk employee verification analysis
• Stock control analysis
• Due process analysis
• Medical claims analysis
• Completeness and accuracy analysis

Computer & Mobile Forensics

The use of computers and mobile devices are critical for any organisation and individual to conduct business and communicate with other business entities and related parties. Perpetrators often make use of these devices to perform illegal acts or to obtain confidential information to further their criminal activities.

TSU Investigation Services uses reactive and preventative technologies with state of the art hardware and software applications to assist our clients in identifying risks and breaches having a negative impact on their business.

This Service offering Includes:

• Computer Forensic imaging
• Mobile forensic imaging
• Cyber tracking and tracing
• E-discovery analysis
• Email analysis
• Browsing history analysis
• Device log analysis
• Carving deleted items
• Timeline analysis

Profiling & Link Analysis

Perpetrators rarely work in isolation. Instead, they make use of intricate networks of associates, entities, assets and transactions to support and supplement their criminal activities. TSU Investigation Services use link analysis techniques to evaluate relationships amongst various types of entities, including organisations, individuals, assets and transactions.

Profiling involves the gathering of attributing information of an individual and entity in line with the specific purpose of the investigation.

This Service offering Includes:

• Media scraping
• Tracking and tracing
• Mobile communication link analysis
• Link by association
• Sequence of events
• Timelines